Zoe Rene Makeup Tutorials


Why did we do it?
As a photographer and a make-up artist, we wouldn’t say there’s no need for a little help from the airbrush now and then. But if we’re being honest, we could all do with less Photoshop in our lives… less Photoshop on other women, anyway. No, seriously; with so many idealistic, unrealistic images of beautiful women everywhere you look, we wanted to challenge people’s perception of what makes a real woman feel beautiful. We also wanted to produce a calendar. So what better way of doing both than putting those two things together? All we needed to do was find twelve girls willing to be photographed with nothing but good lighting and a great make-up to help them look their best.

How did we do it?
We asked everyone – our daughter’s friends, our friends’ daughters, the girl who does our nails, a girl on the beauty counter in Boots, a part-time model who, like us, relies on Photoshop – and we had only two rules:: Every girl who said “yes” had to look happy to be there – and we wouldn’t say “no” to any girl, once she’d said yes to us.

The result…?
Total chaos… But less than six weeks after we sat in Dolly’s café in Selfridges discussing the Beauty Without Photoshop idea, we had thirteen great images that show how young women look when they’re not worrying too much about the size of their thighs.

Even better, they did it to help women with real problems; vulnerable women in the third world who’ll never experience the advantages women in our world take for granted.

The Beauty Without Photoshop Calendar is on eBay, price: £11.99. All proceeds go to Womankind (UK Registered Charity 328206)